Ubuntu 10.04 EC2 Guide (Apache / MySQL / PHP / Postfix / Dovecot)

EC2 Guide: Hosting a website on Amazon EC2 (1 / 7)

28/02/2011 23:42 Paul Norman 0 comments

This guide will hopefully allow anyone to create an Ubuntu 10.04 EBS backed Amazon EC2 instance and guide a relative novice through all the steps required to configure a production server running in the cloud environment.... read article

EC2 Guide: Customise this guide (3 / 7)

28/02/2011 23:45 Paul Norman 0 comments

To make this guide more useful many aspects of it can be customised to show your values. Who really wants to read a guide only to have to change half of it to fit their needs anyway?... read article

EC2 Guide: Core Software Installation (4 / 7)

28/02/2011 23:46 Paul Norman 0 comments

We should now be ready to install our core software on our Ubuntu 10.04 server and customise a few key things. We are going to add Postfix, Dovecot, Spamassassin, Amavisd-New, ClamAV, Apache, PHP, MySQL and a few other useful things.... read article

EC2 Guide: Create and attach new EBS volumes (5a / 7)

28/02/2011 23:47 Paul Norman 0 comments

To allow our server to be upgradable we are going to separate out various parts of our system onto 3 separate EBS volumes so that they could be disconnected and re-attached to another machine very quickly should we want to add other servers.... read article

EC2 Guide: No attached EBS volumes (5c / 7)

28/02/2011 23:50 Paul Norman 0 comments

Not to disclude anyone who doesn't want to use EBS volumes, or who is following this guide in a non-cloud environment, this step allows compatibility with any further parts of the guide you may wish to follow.... read article

EC2 Guide: Software Configuration (6a / 7)

28/02/2011 23:51 Paul Norman 0 comments

With most of the EBS volume work out of the way we can now configure the server to production standard. This means taming ClamAV, Amavisd-New, Spamassassin, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Dovecot, Postfix and Generating SSL certificates. This is likely the most important page in the guide!... read article

EC2 Guide: Backing up and clean up (7 / 7)

28/02/2011 23:53 Paul Norman 0 comments

The final stage in the guide concerns backing up the EBS volumes nightly so as to avoid disasters! It also covers keeping the number of these generated under control and rotating any moved logs.... read article